4Charity delivers 10 storage boxes campaign to House Of Joy – All Completed
House Of Joy – Rare but real story!
Late for a few weeks after the storage boxes campaign ended but a generous donor suddenly has reached out to us and willing to make the campaign a success!
This Storage Boxes campaign has been really tough & challenging for House Of Joy as many people don’t think it is a necessity. However, for House Of Joy it is a necessity as they have ongoing problems with rats which destroy their food, clothes & etc.
To all the donors for this campaign, thank you for your unconditional support to make this another successful campaign! 4Charity is proud to be able to complete this campaign for House Of Joy!

RUMAH VICTORY – 2015.11.28

4Charity visits a new charity house – Nov 2015

Rumah Charis – 2015.11.22

4Charity delivers more than 100++ breads/buns to Rumah Charis– Nov 2015
Planning for “The Bread Project” – This is a pilot project to deliver bread daily to Charity Houses in Puchong. Doing Alpha Testing today. Need to recruit 30 Charity Runners in Puchong to deliver breads. Each Charity Runner needs to collect breads from Puchong and deliver it in Puchong once per month. We are looking for volunteers in Puchong.