How it Works

5 Easy Steps to Donate

5 Easy steps to help ! CLICK ME NOW !

What is is a free web portal that bridges charity organizations and the public. It is designed to create awareness of the actual needs of any given charity organizations so that the public can make its contributions directly without any middleman.

5 Easy steps to start helping others:

Donors are encouraged to visit the campaigns in the portal. There are different type of campaigns in different location. Choose the one you like to help.

1. Click on any active Campaigns of your choice.

2. Click the “CONTRIBUTE NOW” button to pledge your donation.

3. Enter the PLEDGE QUANTITY. This is the actual amount of item that you wish to donate. For example, you would like to donate 1 can of MILO, the PLEDGE QUANTITY will be 1.

4. Continue to complete to fill up the required information, and click PLEDGE to complete.

5. Directly deliver the donation to the campaign raiser (charity house). The selected charity organization’s contact information can be found in each campaign. This will promote a closer relation between you and the charity house you choose.

Lets DONATE NOW =) !

I live far away from the charity organizations or have nothing to give, what can I do to help?

Yes! You can help us spread the campaign to the world by allowing us to post in your Facebook wall. Click here to donate your Facebook account. Every new campaign, latest news, events related to will be shared on your Facebook wall.