The Bread Project

work in progress
***This Project is working in progress – We apologize for any inconvenience caused – Thank you for your interest in this pilot project***

The Bread Project is a new initiative and pilot project by This is a collaboration project between Bakery shop and 4Charity to donate their daily supply of breads/buns for 2 selected Charity Houses. This project will requires Charity Runners to deliver the breads daily to the assigned Charity Houses in Puchong. We are recruiting 30 Charity Runners so that we can manage at least 1 charity delivery per individual per month. Each Charity Runner will need to collect breads from Puchong and deliver it in Puchong once per month base on their own availability.

Let start and join us as a Charity Runner to build a better community for tomorrow!
Please submit the form below and secure a confirmation slot to support our “Bread Project”.
Puchong will lead the way first 🙂
Please support and get 1 extra friend to become a Charity Runner for a day!
If you have any questions or clarifications, do contact us at