4Charity – Invitation by 8TV

4Charity was invited by 8TV’s Quickie for an interview on social contribution to the society. Co-Founder (Lew) was delighted to share his experience of running 4Charity with the host!

1. What is your project all about and how does it #DoMoreLah4Malaysia?

We, at www.4Charity.my is a crowd funding platform that provide Homes (Orphanage, Old Folks Home) in Malaysia a way to raise the necessary campaigns to pledge and connect with the backers/donors from the public.

www.4Charity.my provide a simple platform that bridging the gap between Homes and Backers/Donors.

2. What inspired you?

We started with a simple idea with the question “How can we contribute to the society with the IT knowledge that we have?”. First, we realize that there are many generous & kind people in our country but they may not have the time. Even that they have the time, they are not sure where to start and how to contribute. After some discussion among ourselves, we realize that it does make sense to start a crowd sourcing platform for charity. Thus, 4Charity was born.

3. Was it difficult to get started? If yes, why?

It is always hard to get started at the beginning. We are doing 4Charity as a volunteering basis. Basically, we have our full time job. Time and commitment is the key to support and continue these initiative. It is a blessing that we have a team of people and friends who are very supportive of what we are doing. Thing get better especially after we won the DiGi WWWOW awards 2014 for the community category.

4. Why did you choose these forms of digital technology?

Simple, most of the Malaysian has access to internet and smart phone today. Digital channel has become an effective channels to reach to the audience compare to traditional ways.
For 4Charity, seeing some success story of crowd funding in the west, we realize that we are able to “tune” the model to help the underprivileged groups in Malaysia. All these campaigns is done digitally harnessing the power of internet.

5. Has digital been effective in furthering your cause and how?

Yes, Indeed. In fact without the digital technology we will not able to do what we have been doing for 4Charity. Imagine without internet and crowd funding platform, how can Homes in Malaysia share with the public the items that they need? They may opt for traditional method like flyer printing, phone call and many other manual methods.
With the power of internet, the Homes able to share with the public their need and the public can also contribute to them easily. It bridge the gap for these underprivileged homes.

6. For people (youths in particular) who are interested in digital volunteerism, what is your advice to them?

Everyone can plays a role and contribute to the community. You just need to make the first move. If you are not sure where to start, join us at www.4Charity.my or just do a simple like & share in your FB to raise the awareness of 4Charity. Let’s start today and build a better community for tomorrow.