4Charity consists of 3 IT engineers who got together and decided to use their IT skills for charity. They discovered that there is gap between the needs of the underprivileged and the actual donation that they received. Quite often, people will donate basic necessities such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, bottled water, used clothing, or money to the charity houses, but those are not all that is needed. Maintaining a proper home for orphans, old folks, and the underprivileged requires massive commitment and enormous upkeep. Some houses require plumbing and electrical repairs, extra beds, fridge, books and more important the quality time with the underprivileged. Time can be spared for them for tutoring the children on their school work, visits to local museums, places of interests or other interesting activities that can enrich their lives.

In order to address this gap, 4Charity has developed a platform to bridge the donors to understand and access a list of items required by specific charity house on monthly basis. By providing this platform, 4Charity intends to tap on the generosity of Malaysians and ensure that all the underprivileged houses get what they really need. Furthermore, 4Charity encourages potential donors to have direct engagement with these charity houses. In doing so, 4Charity hopes that ALL the provisions, time, and effort spent will go directly to the underprivileged.

As part of 4Charity’s commitment to this cause, we will maintain this platform FREE OF CHARGE with no strings attached. With the help of generous people of Malaysia, 4Charity envisions a future where this portal will be used by all the charity houses across Malaysia and accessed by the public who willing to help. Together, we can help make a difference and build a better community for tomorrow!