5 Easy Steps to Donate

What is 4charity.my?

4charity.my is a crowd-funding platform that provide underprivileged  homes (Orphanage, OKU, Old Folks Home) in Malaysia a way to raise the necessary campaigns backers/donors from the public to pledge and support.

www.4Charity.my is a simple platform that bridging the gap between Homes and Backers/Donors.

5 Easy steps to start helping the underprivileged:

Backers/Donors are encouraged to visit the campaigns listed on the main page ( https://www.4charity.my/ ). Choose and pledge for the one you like to support.

1. Click on any active Campaigns” of your choice.

2. Take a look at the campaign details.

3. Continue to complete to fill up the required information and donation amount.

4. Click “Donate” to pledge for it.

5. All pledged items should be delivered to the respective Homes by the backers/donors. Please contact the Charity Home to set up an appointment before making the delivery. All contact information can be found at the top menu of this page. Please make sure you follow through with your pledge as it will greatly help the underprivileged. Alternatively, if you would like us to help to purchase and deliver the provision item, you may bank-in the pledged amount to us and we will make the delivery for you at the end of the campaigns🙂

Let’s DONATE NOW =) !