4Charity – Chips e-magazine coverage

In their noble quest to provide Internet For All, other than just providing consumers with affordable plans and devices, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. continue to spur the growth and encourage Malaysians to use the Internet more creatively. In their fourth edition of Malaysia’s first and only Internet For All awards, DiGi rewarded three winners with RM25,000 cash each plus money-can’t-buy experiences.

Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer said that since its introduction, the DiGi WWWOW Awards was conceptualised to recognise internet talents. “It is an avenue for us to acknowledge Malaysians netizens who have made full use of the internet to provide easy access to information and knowledge, and make products and services accessible to everyone regardless of socio-economic circumstances or geography.”

“The role of netizens in creating and proliferating online content and services is key to nurturing a thriving internet ecosystem. We believe the internet has huge potential in empowering individuals and communities. In line with our mission to deliver Internet For All, we will continue to create opportunities and platforms such as the DiGi WWWOW Awards to engage users and help them realise the full benefits of being connected,” Thrane added.

This year’s DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards received 750 entries and 50,000 votes, over a period of 8 weeks since its launch in April. Out of all these entries, Christina Mei Mei Ng from Welcome to Shoe Heaven took home the DiGi WWWOW Commerce Award, James Lee Thim Heng of Doghouse 73 Pictures received the DiGi WWWOW Content award, Teng Say Aun of 4Charity won the DiGi WWWOW Community award, and last but least Pocotee Loh of Pocotee & Friends won the DiGi WWWOW Judges Choice Award.

“We are very focused on using the Internet as we believe it is the right platform for us to expand our reach to more states and areas. Moving forward, it is our ultimate dream to see 4Charity able to help any charity homes in Malaysia. We believe it was our unique way of allowing the public to have the freedom to help with no third party involvement that gave us the competitive edge. The DiGi WWWOW Awards will provide 4Charity with good publicity for more people to get to know us,” said Teng Say Aun of 4Charity, Community Category Winner.